Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pretty Women.. who are pretty stupid.

Let's start with commercial. People say, sex sells. However, stupidity sells, just as well.

If they say you need to have 3B (Beauty, Brain, and Behaviour) to become Miss Teen USA, I need some explanation with this.

What did she say??

I have never been good in geography, but at least I can't be half that bad in that subject.

"Is Europe a country? I don't think France is a country."
But I looove her expression when she said "is what?? I heard of Turkey, but Hungary (I think she would think the spelling is "Hungry"), I never heard of it." ?

A totally blonde with kind heart, pretty face, and sense of humour is not that bad right?

Okay.. In case some of you women got angry and shout "You men are not smart either." I have to agree with you.

Friday, December 28, 2007

My 10 Darkest Secrets. Do we have something in common? ;)


1. I am an impulsive spender
Last time when I got my salary from Industrial Attachment, I spent $500 a day (half the hopelessly pathetic salary)

2. I (usually) sleep without wearing underwear
That's good for health if you don't know.

3. I am narcissistic
I take countless photos in my own room and record my own voices. I use my own voice as my phone's ringtone.

4. I used to be 93 kg, 1.63 m
The numbers say it all.

5. I am heartless towards animals
In my secondary school, when my biology teacher asked us to operate mouse, fish, and bird, I, heartlessly did the operation, with smile.

6. I am addicted to caffeine and Red Bull.
My record? 6 cups a day. Drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee is just normal for me. If coffee is not strong enough, Red Bull will do the job, with twice the price.

7. Once upon a time, I expressed my love to a girl by sending her sms.
.... And kena rejected.

8. I am a pig.
I sleep like a pig. If I don't use alarm, I would sleep 11 hours a day.

9. I love older women.
How old? Can be up to 6 to 8 years older. I had a crush with my teacher.

And maybe the darkest of all...

10. Gay people consider me to be attractive.
You can find the story

I am not proud of those so-called secrets (which are not secrets anymore after I tell ya). However, I think everyone have their own dark secret. What is yours? :)

Confession of an Engineering student

I confess, I am in the wrong course.

To be very honest, imagining myself work as engineer is like imagining David Beckham or Christiano Ronaldo working as a mathematician. I am too cute for that profession. Not the right fit.

I score much better (and I do mean the word "much") in subjects like management, human resource, communication, and business subjects. I enjoy those classes much more than I attended my Nanotechnology lecture with a cup of coffee always, and struggling not to sleep during lecture.

However, I understand that in Singapore, people are pretty academic-oriented. When they hire someone, they hire someone who has backgound education in that particular field. For example, when they want to hire a marketing executive, they require someone who has degree in marketing or business studies or such. I can't imagine this conversation when you are trying to sell a product.

Buyer : Tell me a reason why I shoud buy your product.

Seller : Because I have a business degree from NTU, first-class honour somemore!

Buyer : Pretty valid reason. Give me two, sorry, three.

Education qualitifaction can only get you that far. So, I think I have no regret studying Engineering despite whatever job I might take in the future.

Wohoo.. NTU Exam Result is out!!

NTU students, exam result is out. I only checked my result at 2.30 in the morning. The reasons?
1. Nobody is entering the system, so I won't kena crashed.
2. Only a few of my friends are online, so I don't need to answer how my result is.

Reason number 1 is pretty clear. NTU system, without fail, always crashed whenever thousands of students entering the system in the same time (during subject registration, result checking, etc).

For reason number 2, if you know me well enough you will know. I don't usually compare myself with others. I don't have ego problem and I don't need to prove anything. I only compare myself with my previous achievement. Do I get better or worse? That's all.

I fared better in this semester compared to last semester. Other than 2 major PEs, I think I am satisfied with my result.

My best score? You guess what, it's Engineers & Society, followed by Human Resource Management. And by the way, my course is Mechanical Engineering. Before you tell me, I know, I am in the wrong course. Thank you.

Life is never fair. I attended at least 80% of my Aircraft Propulsion class, yet, still can't get good result. I only attended a total of FOUR lectures of Engineers & Society for the entire semester, and I get a cool A+. Some people call it "luck", but I prefer to call it "talent".. hehehe.

Maybe I should consider to pursue a career in politics. Hmm.. I think I am cut to be a politician, except for one thing. I am too honest for that profession :P

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

When you type the word "give" at google, you will get about 1 billion results, only 1/3 of the results if you type the word "get"... Sad, but not shocking at all. We all like to get something.

With the spirit of Christmas, I think we all must reflect the word "give"...

"Giving" is one of the most beautiful words in English Language. When we give something generously to others, we make them feel happy. We also feel happy, and we make our world become a better place. Giving is miraculous, magical, and contagious.

I have just come back from City Harvest Church, watching its musical titled "Christmas @ Chang's"... Although I am a Roman Catholic, I always have a great time everytime I visit City Harvest Church. With 26,000 members attending its service regularly, CHC is the second largest church in Asia.

The storyline is pretty simple (for a musical, simpler is always better), with professionally-done music and stage, I am sure most, if not all who attended the musical, were blessed by the musical.

Btw, I wish everyone a very blessed Christmas (if you don't realize, there is "Christ" in the word "Christmas". The essence of Christmas is Jesus Christ, not those expensive decorations at Orchard Road, mid-night shopping, lavish dining, or new clothes).

Jesus, thanks for humbling Yourself to come to this world because of our sins. Bless us so we can make sacrifices to make this world a better place.

Merry Christmas and God bless you all!


Friday, December 21, 2007

This is not a joke. I got a medal, in sports!!

Would you be the star of a weak team or the weakest player of a strong team? Of course, the best of all is to be the star of strongest team; Be Christiano Ronaldo at Manchester United or Kaka at AC Milan. However, if that choice is out, what would you choose?

I used to think being a star in a weak team is always more beneficial, at least it's good for the health condition of my ego.

In my first year of university, I joined badminton trial to enter my hall's badminton team. I stayed at hall 2, which has always been one of the strongest teams of badminton in my university. I failed. I couldn't even get a chance to enter the team, not even as substitute player.

In my second year, I joined badminton trial again, at hall 9. Hall 9 has never win any match in the university, never. I not only could enter the team, I became the star there. However, hall 9, as always, lost the match, a very tight match, probably one of the best fights we could ever give in our history.

In my third year, I joined hall selection again in my current hall, hall 3. Hall 3 is well-known to be the king of sports in NTU. I almost can enter the team if not because of nepotism. There is one person in the team which I am sure I can beat (I dare to bet $1000 I can beat him) . He is there, and I am not. Life is never fair, but that's life.

Still in my third year, I become the captain of Indonesian badminton team in my University. I am not the best player there, maybe only in the top five, but I put together experience in managing people and my leadership skill there, bring dynamism to the team. In International Games, we lost in the semi-final.

I have just come back from Inter-School games, I am inside my school's team. I would have to say very honestly, I am the weakest male player there. Since the announcement that I am inside the team, I had already prepared if I would never play a single match during the entire competition, and I am right. I just come down and become the substitute player, in case one person can't play due to some reason. However, we managed to get bronze.

I never think I am gifted in sports, but finally, I get a medal in badminton, for the first time in my life. If you asked me 5 years ago that I will get a medal in sports, I would probably laugh continuously for days.

I get a medal baby... in sports!!

Two years blogging... and counting...

When I am happy, you smile…
And say, be happy, always

When I am frustrated, you smile…
And say, don’t worry, be happy, always

When I am angry with someone, and wish he is struck by lightening, you smile…
And say, calm down, and, be happy, always

When I feel so hopeless, and think that I am the most miserable person on earth, you smile…
And say, look around and see, be happy, always

When I am falling in love, you smile…
And say, Love is great, be happy, always

When I am busy like hell, you smile…
And say, you are great, but try to, be happy, always

When I feel bored, you smile…
And say, enjoy your quiet time, and, be happy, always

My blog has done wonderful job for me. She never complains, she just listens, and she is always supportive. If my blog is a girl, I will marry her :D

Warmest hug, deepest smile, hottest kiss

Two years blogging… and counting

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Would you shave your head botak for charity?

If you asked me last month, my answer would be "Are you crazy?"

However, I tell you, I am now officially botak (bald).

The story begins when my friends and I were discussing about charity stuffs. We said people are not creative. They raise money for charity by bringing cans around and asking people to give some coins. Nothing wrong with that, that's simple and effective. I myself like to donate coins to them (a few coins won't make me poor.)

Then one of my friend shouted "Ben, if you shave your head botak, I will donate $100 for charity."

Then I answered jokingly at first "come on, my hair worth more than $100."

My friend thought I was joking (In fact, I was). He said "OK, $200".

I told him "$400?".

He laughed at me and said "I know you are joking man. OK then!"

Then I told him "Hmm.. currently I am joking, but who knows, a few days later I change my mind. Please have your $400 ready."

I think he forgot that statement already until I called him today.

"Hey, in 5 minutes time, I will send my photo by E-mail. I am botak now. Please donate $400 to charity of your choice and show me the receipt."

He answered in disbelief "What?? You are joking right? I don't believe you really shave your hair botak."

I told him "I am dead serious. Please check your E-mail in 5 minutes. I know you are a man of your words. If I can give you suggestion, please donate the money to charity body that takes care of underprivileged children. Thank you very much. God bless you"

Ouch.. he is now 400 dollars poorer (don't worry, he is quite rich, so losing $400 won't make him jump from level 6.)

Am I a bit too extreme? I don't know. However, doing something for good cause really makes me feel happy...

Hmm.. whoever you are, if you want me to post my photo here, please donate $800 for charity and show me the receipt. I am a man of my words :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hady Mirza is the first Asian Idol.. Congratz!!!

When I heard that, I was shocked, really.

How can SIX talented music judges (from which, at least two are singing stars themselves) be so wrong. None of them predicted that Hady would be the first Asian, not even Ken Lim (not even Hady himself, I am quite sure.)

Hmm.. what's wrong?

Nothing is wrong. Hady deserves it.

Voice wise, to be very frank, Hady is the second worst I think. However, Can he sing? Please, this is ASIAN Idol, not inter-block singing competition.

Losers from some blogs I read before said he can't sing, he sings like his mechanic. Oh boy, if your mechanic can sing THAT good, please treat and pay him well, coz one day he will remember you when he becomes famous singer.

And some people said he wins because he is handsome. Is it wrong to be handsome? If yes, then I apologize (joking lah :P). But hey, Indian Idol is more handsome than Hady! (too bad, he is married.).

However, if you want to combine voice quality, physical attribute, stage presence, star quality, charisma, and commercial value, Hady is the man. Maybe, Malaysia's Jacklin Victor comes close.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Guide to 15 Best Foods in NTU

15. Porridge at canteen 1
Price range: $2 - $2.5 if you add egg.
It’s nice even when I was sick. If you feel that the porridge is a bit bland, you might want to add pepper or chilli (not the bottled chilli)

14. Waffle at Canteen 2 or 13
Caution: Eat while it’s hot!
Price range: $1.10 - $1.50. My favourite: chocolate and peanut flavour. The strawberry is too sweet I think. If you like ice-cream as the topping, you can get that with $1.90.

13. Any Japanese Food at Canteen A
You won’t believe that Japanese food can be this cheap. Priced at $3 to $4, this highly popular food at canteen A is always crowded during lunchtime. If you think waiting 12 to 15 minutes for a food is stupid, I won’t recommend you to visit the stall during lunchtime. Visit it at 2.30 to 5 pm instead.
My favourite: Chicken teriyaki at $3

12. Banana Prata at Canteen 2
I am not a great lover of Prata, but I feel the banana prate is very sweet and nice. Priced at $1.60, if you are a big eater, three of Pratas won’t make you full. Have it as a snack instead.

11. Chicken Ramen at Café by the Quad
Priced at $3.5, it’s one of the most value-for-money in Café by the Quad. They give chicken and mushroom quite generously. The sauce is not bad, and the cassava is quite nice I think.

10. Tiramisu cake at Café by the Quad
“Cake” is definitely not for dieters. However, if you don’t diet, try this cake, a wise way to spend three dollars to pamper yourself. Caution: do drink some water after that.

9. Lemon Chicken Rice at canteen 3/16
Arguably the best chicken rice at NTU, it is definitely nice for chilli lover like me. However, I like the food not only because of the chilli, the rice and the chicken is also nice. With $2, you can have a plate of chicken rice, and do add 50 cents to enjoy the tofu. I can’t emphasize enough, try the chilli. A LOT OF IT if you can eat spicy food.

8. Any Korean food at canteen 13.
I like Korean food not just because I look like Kim Jeong-Hoon. Btw, the price is $3.3 to $4.

7. Yong Tofu at NIE
It’s the best Yong Tofu I have ever eaten, really. With $2.3, you can have a decent Yong Taufu.

6. Chicken Sandwich at Café Al-Fresco
Arguably one of the most expensive places to eat in NTU, it serves chicken sandwich at promotional price, $3.5. If you can take a bit of caffeine, do try the Vietnamese coffee at $1.1. It tastes really sedap.

5. Grilled salmon steak at Café Al-Fresco
Priced at $5.5. Same as number 6, do try the Vietnamese coffee.

4. Seafood Baked Rice at Café by the Quad
Priced at $4.80, it’s not the cheapest option available, but I think it’s worth it. I like to add some chilli to make the taste stronger.

3. Chicken Chop at NIE canteen
A lot of people would say this is the best food in NTU, but in my list, it’s “only” the second runner-up. Priced at $3.80, you can have a rather complete set of western food.

2. Sambal Chicken at Canteen 4
Nicer than sambal chicken at Jurong Point, it’s priced at $3, compared to $5 at Jurong Point. Caution: If you can’t take spicy food, I guess you are smart enough not to eat this food.

And the winner is……

1. Beef ball at Canteen 2
It’s one of the best meatballs I have ever eaten in Singapore, really. The chilli is so nice. Priced at $2.5 and you can add 50 cents to add the fried egg which I must say, superb. The tofu is also nice. You can never go wrong buy anything from this stall!

1. Go to Boon Lay MRT station
2. Take 199 or 179
3. You can refer to this map. You can E-mail me also if you happen to visit NTU. I would be more than happy to show you the place :)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

9 Things I did for the past 9 days

1. Slept really well, and attempted to get away from caffeine addiction.

2. Finished some books.
If you meet me and notice that I look wiser, I AM. I finished up 6 books in 6 days.
Rethinking Marketing by 4 remarkable authors including Hermawan Kartajaya. Very well-written book, excellent examples.

3. Gained some fat.
I thought I would treat myself with good food after exam, but I think I overdid that. Sigh..

4. Went to JB (Johor Bahru) after long time never go there.

We went to watch a movie. Enchanted!

I was definitely enchanted. If you want to have a relaxing movie in the evening, this movie is a must-watch. Simple and sweet story, superb actors, fantastic songs. The songs stuck in my ears for days. I will give this movie 9.5 out of 10. I am not usually very generous :)

Before the movie, we had our lunch at a japanese restaurant at Jusco shopping mall. If I remember correctly, the name is Ichiban Ramen.

The restaurant is so classy, with some woods as the interior. The lighting is so romantic, too bad I am single (ouch).

I ordered tom yam fried rice (don't ask me why Japanese restaurant serves Tom Yam, I also don't know). Cost 9 ringgit (excl. GST and service charge). It was superb!! However, if you order it, please don't add anything to the fried rice, it will destroy the nice taste of the food.

Food : 8.5 / 10 (you can order almost anything and can't go wrong)
Service : 8 / 10 (The waiters helped to take photos, patiently waited us order food, speak decent English)
Place : 10 / 10 (I am subjective, coz I LOVE woody place)
Price : 8 / 10 (not the cheapest option, but reasonable I think)
Overall : 8.5 / 10

5. Did the last module of my Entrepreneurship Minor.
Yup, did the real business plan and really execute the plan.

6. Did my FYP (Final Year Project, not Find Your Partner =P)

7. Joined my school's badminton trial.
I don't want so badly to be in the team, but would love to if they select me. I am so old already, must give chance to the young ones *coughing*

I make some good buddies in the badminton trial. Haha.. we were the first two people coming to the trial, and by the end of the trial, we chat like long-time friends, discussing movies and a lot of things!

8. Blog again!

9. Attended a Wine Appreciation workshop.

I am a self-confessed wine lover, and drink sometimes. I enjoyed the session very much, and will recommend anyone to attend. Caution : Drink moderately, especially if you drive. My favourite is definitely Pirramimma Reserve Shiraz. Reasonably priced, fresh taste, medium body, excellent aroma. If not because I was going to church after that workshop, I would have drunk much more.

Anyway, I made two good buddies there. I sometimes admire myself for being able to make new buddies very easily. Photo later... ;)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

National Dragon Boat team members, my deepest condolence.

Dear Members of the NTU Community,

I was at the memorial service for the five members of the national dragon boat team who lost their lives in the accident on the Tonle Sap River in Cambodia representing their country. I was privileged to learn more about the five brave young men who were such great examples of our men, their lives cruelly snuffed out by an act of mother nature. Three of them are members of our extended family. As their eulogies were said, there was not a dry eye in the house. We all shed tears for the brave ones who did not make it.

Stephen Loh received his B.Eng. (Elect) in 2001 and M.Eng. (Elect) in 2004. He found his calling in teaching and went to NIE at NTU, receiving his PG Dip. Ed. in 2007. He was a well loved teacher at NJC before he perished in the accident. He was an inspirational teacher, someone we are very proud to have come from our NIE.

Poh Boon San was known as the "comeback kid". He took 8 years for primary school and 5 years for secondary, and yet in Nanyang Polytechnic he found his stride and earned his place in NTU, receiving his B.Eng. (Elect) just this year, with honours. He had just started work for a few months when tragedy struck.

Chee Wei Cheng was admitted to Aerospace Engineering in 2006 and would have enrolled next year after national service. A straight A student, he is also a filial son, taking good care of his mother and younger brother. With his loss his family lost a great source of strength.

Stephen and Boon San were members of our dragon boat team. Wei Cheng would most likely have joined the team if he had enrolled as planned. They were lively, energetic young men who think of others first, with the best qualities of a member of the NTU community. They had great mental strength and endurance. Our entire dragon boat team and our sports officials were all at the memorial service and funeral, paying their last respect to their friends, their comrades, their brothers.

As we mourn the passing of these outstanding young men, their will honed on the battlefield of tough races, do remember them and their best qualities, and support each other as a community. We shall ensure their qualities will last and endure in the NTU community. Together, let's help their families get through these trying times.

With deep sorrow,

Su Guaning
NTU President

My heart was aching when I read the E-mail. Rest in peace…