Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Priorities in Life

These weeks are like hell for me. I have to work from dead morning till evening, and have to attend a lot of meetings. I always thought I can manage my time well, but I just found out at the end of the day that I am always extremely exhausted. Maybe it’s a clear sign that I just do too much...

Being a vice president of International Games, an Olympic-like event in my university, where all the students compete in sport and grouped according to their countries, make me have to stretch my mind a lot, think and strategize many aspects of that event. I am also a program director of Ministerial Forum, Business Manager of Indo-NTU Year Book, Public Relation Officer of Overseas Expedition Program (We will be going to Myanmar to volunteer this June), a volunteer at a boys’ hostel, and as a badminton captain.

However, being able to accomplish so much is not without trade-off. I only sleep 5 to 6 hours a day during weekdays. That’s really a challenge for me who adore sleeping and eating :D

What are my priorities in life? That’s a question that I always ask myself when I am exhausted. Finally, I spent my precious Sunday night to think about it. Study and work come first. Organization stuffs come second. Inside organization stuffs, I am always very clear that International Games top the rest of my organization activities.

Friends and family are also extremely important for me. I am willing to spend hours of my time to enjoy quality time with my friends. Even after that, I have to cut my relax time into half.

Reading is my past time favorite. I used to finish at least 1 200-page book every week, but I don’t have time to read anymore. Currently I force myself to read a book titled “Time Power” by the famous Brian Tracy.

Badminton is the only sport I love passionately since I was 8. But with my busy schedule, I find that going to gym is much more efficient and less time consuming. It’s only 1 hour compared to 3 or 4 hours of badminton. I am proud to say that despite my tight schedule, I can always find time to go to gym twice a week. Who doesn’t fancy Brad Pitt-like body anyway?

Church? I am always touched every time I read stories about people who place church and other religious activities in top of their other activities. But I don’t want to be hypocrite to say that I am a very religious person. I just haven’t reached that level. I attend mass every week, and read bible everyday, but that’s the only time when I can feel an angelic-halo around my head.

Am I doing too much? Only time can answer this question. But for now, I just try to enjoy every second of my life and experience how to be a person whose time is measured by minute, not hour.