Sunday, April 13, 2008

My blog was quoted in The Sunday Times!

Yup, it was in The Sunday Times (Sunday edition of The Straits Times) today (April 13, 2008) page 28 ("Think" section). Click the picture to enlarge it.

"I don’t know whether the newspaper is objective while judging the matter. Assuming it’s objective, I must say, Ronald Susilo is a good man. He is talented, ambitious, smart, rich, romantic, gentle, good-looking, sincere, and honest. Maybe his biggest flaw is... he dated the wrong girl."

which is taken from this post.

If you happen to be Ronald Susilo, you don't need to thank me for saying good things about you (which I believe to be true). However, I would be extremely glad if you could teach me how to improve my badminton skill.. haha... Don't worry, there is no way I could overtake you as Singapore #1 badminton player (I don't have the body, the stamina, nor the patience for that... or put it simply, no talent lah :D)

Ronald, I wish you good luck for the upcoming Beijing Olympics. May you win a medal for Singapore! :)


WK said...

congratz man!

Ben said...

thanks... :)

Stephen said...

Nice one,Ben..hahaha..and the thing about the surge of no.of readers..that's very interesting.

Ronald said...

Ben, Ronald yang mana nih? Yang kamu bilang pelit ya? Wah, makasih deh.

Anyway, aku ga ikutan olimpiade kok, masi exam di NTU. Denger gosip dari mana kamu???

Ben said...

haha geer km nald =P

Raphael YA said...

Wah... Benny keren!!!
Hahaaa... :-)
btw, nice blog man! well done!