Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to Myself =)

Today is an extremely important day for me because today I have completed my registration to join club 20's. Yeah.. Today I am 20 years old already. So happy but in the same time feeling so sad. Because when u are 20 years and older, you are an adult, and u are expected to take responsibility for whatever u do. I believe in that. I can't be so moody like a teenager. I have to be able to control my emotion and my action. And also control my anger (which is very difficult for me to control).

Btw, last midnight, I celebrated my birthday with my friends. It is a very simple and short celebration (less than 1 hour), yet it is very meaningful for me. We just ate pizza and a bit of talk and took photo together. That's all. And of course like most of my friends' birthday, the guests give testimonial to someone who celebrates his/her birthday. And I did receive some testimonials. I really appreciate those. Thanks guys.. I promise to improve myself better in the future.

And in my birthdays (beside new years and new semesters), I always make some resolutions to improve myself.
1. To Improve my relationships with my family and friends.
2. To Improve my relationship with my God and savior, Jesus Christ. And rely more on Him.
3. To be able to control my emotion, feeling, anger, and mood.
4. To excel in my study and in my IA (Industrial Attachment).
5. To gain confidence in myself which somehow eroded these years
6. To think more positively and not to grumble when I face problems.
7. To be a stronger person.
8. To learn to love a person in a better way.
9. To do a diet in a healthy way. In the same time improve my level of fitness.
10. To smile more =)

Those resolutions are not by order of importance. They are all important for me. I will do my very best to achieve those resolutions.

OK.. and finally.. happy birthday to myself. Wish me a very good luck! =)