Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Perfect Marriage

What would be your perfect wedding? That's the question that a lot of us have been asking ourselves. Of course, in every survey, some places like luxurious ship and 5-star-hotel will be most likely to come out as favourite answer. Those places are definitely great, and for me, I won't settle for a wedding place less than Paris or Venice (Italy).

However, today, when I saw a wedding in my church, my heart beat really, really fast. My church is a small and humble church in the west side of Singapore. You won't see world-class choir there. But still, I can feel a sense of serenity in the place. For wedding, one of the most important events someone would ever experience, what's the most suitable place other than a church? I mean, marriage is once for a lifetime (at least according to Catholic Church), so, in my opinion, church deserves to be the number-one wedding place. Of course, you can always travel to Paris or Venice for your honey-moon place.

And I will definitely long to see myself to be pledging my marriage vows:

"To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part."

And a beautiful woman who is absolutely in love with me, who will soon be my wife smiling at me, and we will kiss each other.

So sweet isn't that? Dare you tell me your heart doesn't beat faster! :)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Singapore Aviation Industry.. SASCO and SAESL visit..

Since young, I always ADORE aeroplanes. They are so sexy and magnificent. That's why I choose Aeronautical to be my specialisation (I major in Mechanical Engineering.). I never regret that decision.

Yesterday, our class went for a company visit to SASCO and SAESL. Noone wanted to be the coordinator for our class. I have led hundreds of people before, so I guess it's not so difficult to lead a class of 40 to the tour. And here I am, appointed as the class coordinator for the visit to the biggest MRO company in the world (SASCO) and SAESL.

At SASCO, we had a chance to go to see the inside part of the 747 really close. I don't think anyone who is not an engineer got the chance to stand that close to the wonderful plane. We were also introduced to an employment scheme where we can pursue an education as licenced engineer. That guy is the one who sign, to decide whether a plane is allowed to fly or not. You can't imagine how important that guy is? Hundreds of lives depend on his signature. And we know that human's life is priceless. So you just multiply hundreds with priceless to get how much economic value a licensed engineer has.

After become LE, we will be highly sought after. A salary of five-digit Singapore Dollars is definitely not impossible. However, there's no free lunch in this world. The training is 8-year extremely hard training. Once you are in the training, there's no turning back, you must do it for life. Passion is compulsory.

For me, 8 years talking to machine is definitely a torture. I am always praised to be people person, I like to talk to people, and to be very frank, I am good at it. And because of that, an option to work as licensed engineer is definitely out of options.

At SAESL, we can see who among students in our class who is really passionate about machines. Some see machine just like they see diamonds or Angelina Jolie, but some, including me, just see it as another metal-based equipments. Maybe I am in the wrong major, but again, for me, I don't regret it. Engineering is a very good major, and you can learn a lot from engineering, something that other majors won't never learn.

I mean, I still adore aeroplanes just like when I was 5 years old, but not to the extend that I want to be a licensed engineer. I believe there's no way we can excel in something we don't like, and even if we can, we won't enjoy the process so much. And a visit to two Aerospace companies, again, confirm that for me.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Scariest Hair-Cut in my life!!

My friends laughed at me when I told them I want to go to those hair-cut schools for my next hair-cut. I told myself, how awful can it be!

A Caucasian girl who speak British accent served me. I was amazed. Wow, this school must be damn famous lor.. even the Angmoh comes here to study hair-cut technique. She has a gorgeous smile actually, but don't know why, she smiled only twice for the entire hair-cut "lesson". And she spoke to me for a total of 19 words (I really counted it.)

She started to shampoo my hair.. Not bad, quite professional I think. Wow, even in Malaysia you can't get a hair-cut service plus washing for $6..

Then my nightmare began. A guy came to ask her..
The guy : "Do you know how to use clipper?"
The girl : "No.."

I was indeed shocked. At first I thought he was joking, just want to tease her. But he was damn serious lor!! I can't believe it. The school asked someone who can't even use a clipper to cut my hair! My heart was crying, can't imagine what my hair will be.

The guy : "OK I teach you." (then the guy demonstrate how to use that clipper using my hair)
"Now, it's your turn."

I was speechless. OK lah, I know, that's a hair-cut school. But I thought, only the students who are already quite good but need some experience in cutting hair are allowed to cut hair, but here, someone who use clipper for the first time in her life cut my hair!!

Then, it's indeed a hair-cut lesson. The guy is the teacher, the girl is the student, and I am the object of the experiment. What an honorable position..

But seeing the girl became so nervous, I felt a bit guilty by showing a shocked face, then I told her not to worry too much, just do whatever she thought is right. Yes, she shouldn't worry. I AM the only who SHOULD worry. It's my hair not hers. If my hair become so messy, it's only a hair-cut lesson for her, but I have to bear with this hair for at least 1 month.

Luckily, at the end of the hair-cut lesson, the senior guy came and tidy up my hair with his scissor. Thank God, he saved my hair. I even think that the result is quite nice, just like what I want. Haha, now I think I know how a hair-cut school operates. But I was indeed scared lor... scared that my hair later become like coconut then I must wear hat all the time.

In the future, I don't mind cutting my hair there again.. Really worth it lah! 6 dollars for cut and wash, where else in Singapore you can get that price ya tell me! Then in the future if the student who cut my hair becomes famous like David Gan, then I must tell her.. "Hey, you remember me or not?? Last time you practised cutting hair using my head!!" lol..

Sunday, September 23, 2007

You want rose or chocolate during Valentine Day?

"Gals, if your boyfriend only have $50 in his pocket, what thing you want him to give you?"
I have been asking that question for fun to some of my friends.. And ya wanna know the result?

More than 2/3 answer straight away.. "Chocolate of course!!! You can't eat rose what!"

I am not surprised.. I think gals nowadays have become more and more practical.. Flower can only be fresh for a few days before they change colour, but chocolate can be eaten anytime they want even 2 months after they receive it. They can even share it with their friends.. Not so difficult question isn't it?

But maybe my sample of experiment are not neutral people. Most of them are engineering students who are well-known to be very practical..

Then I asked an art student.. She answered me.. "Depends.. I will choose whatever which is hand-made." Good answer I guess, at least for those who dream to become Miss Universe one day. Let me polish your answer a bit.. "I will choose whatever which is more environmentally friendly, and contribute certain percentage of their profit for charity." So much better right?

But the best is business student.. when I asked them the same question, 1/3 of them still answer "chocolate..", but 2/3 of them really shocked me.. They answered..

I guess business student is the best among all. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Not desperate for love

Today's conversation with my friend..

He : "Do you have a lot of girlfriends?"
I : "Ya... why?"
He : "Introduce some to me lah.. "
I : "Haha.. ok lah next time.. but why rushing for relationship? Being single is so nice."
He : *speechless*
I : "You can go anywhere you want, anytime, with anyone.. what's better than that?"
He : "Btw, are you gay?"


I : *speechless* *faint*
"No, at least, not at the moment."

Why?? What makes people think that they HAVE TO go into some kind of relationship? Being single is just perfect I think.

I am not being traumatic with my past relationships for sure. Some are fantastic, some are just not so nice, but so what? I learnt from each of them and I am a better man now. I am still not so romantic like those Korean actors, but so what? If everyone is like that then we don't have rose garden anymore coz those desperados cut all the roses and give to their girlfriends.

But if everyone thinks like me, then Singapore goverment will cry coz by 2040 the whole Singapore will be full of so-called senior citizens. Uncles in their mid 40s will be awarded "most eligible bachelors". Fiona Xie will win Miss Singapore Universe 2039 in the age of 57 (I actually don't know how old is she and don't bother to find out.) Sad sad sad!

If only dating is simple, then we don't need to have that problem ... If only Girls don't ask guys to guess what their sentences REALLY mean.. We all know one language, English. So for the sake of simplicity and efficiency, use English. Dont ask us to guess, we are too busy to do that. If you gals say "I am tired." then we ask ya to rest a bit, we are wrong is it?? Check to find out what "tired" means..

Guys, what's so difficult to say "I love you"? You can clean your girlfriend's or gf-to-be's room better than her maid, but she needs to be whispered "I love you." Get it? Don't expect her to guess that you love her if ya never say it. Simple isn't it?

I don't know, maybe I am too simple, typical engineering student.. But I guess it's not so advantageous to be simple, at least according to the Book of Love. Ya need proof? How come I am still single? Young and promising, with killer smile and terrific manners. Handsome like Kim Jeong-Hoon.. How come I am still single? Tell me will ya?!

*I am writing post when my level of narcissism is super high. Please understand ^^*

Random Thoughts, from class to recruitment talk to trip

Just wake up after went to bed at 6 plus last night (yes, 6 in the morning). What did I do until 6?Not studying for sure. Everyone in my uni know that it's recess time, and recess means relaxing *at least for me*

I joined a Singapore By Night trip, organized by NTU International Student Center. We went to Geylang (we had supper there, don't think too much.), Clark Quay (the best bar area here), Mount Faber, and Senoko Fishing Port (I am a big fan of seafood, but my cooking skill is definitely not so good to cook seafood properly). Nice trip, nice companions, but very tiring.. So after reached my bedroom, I actually wanted to just sleep, but finally decided to take a shower coz I was just a bit less smelly than fish.

Today the weather is so hot. I want to turn air-con but finally decided to just go to library (again, not for studying, but to enjoy nice and FREE aircon, while surfing internet. What a beautiful life I have.).

Btw, yesterday, I have just volunteered myself to be the coordinator for our class' trip to one aircraft company. I am a bit shocked while noone raise their hand when the prof asked who want to be class rep. He asked 4 times from 3 days ago, and finally coz noone willing to be class rep, I just volunteered myself.. What a quiet class I have.

Today I withdraw money from ATM, then realized that how come this week I spent so little. Then I remembered that this week I got a lot of recruitment talks, and quite a standard practise, there are receptions after that talk. I am not so poor that can't afford to buy meal, but who doesn't like free food ya tell me. Like 2 days ago, they served 7 kinds of food, not to mention cakes and mango pudding. I love mango and cake and I ate like people who never eat for one month. That's my weakness, I can't resist good food. Forget about diet, if you die tomorrow then you will regret why you eat the mango pudding so little.

OK, enough of random thoughts.. Feel so sleepy, maybe should take nap again. What a nice life.. ^^

Friday, September 21, 2007

Mourinho is sacked.. What The..

Chelsea is one of the best football clubs in the world (I don't say the best lah, coz we all know the best is still Juventus.. Aiyohh.. can't get it wrong! :P)
Whether you are Chelsea fans or haters, admit that.. Chelsea is playing at the highest level of football today.

Thanks to whom?
John Terry? Frank Lampard? think again.
Drogba? Michael Ballack? Not even close
Petr Cech? He is absolutely great, but still no.
That Russian billionaire? Thanks for the money, but money can't buy success. Not directly I mean.

OK lah, call me subjective or what.. but does it need a rocket science to say that Jose Mourinho is the soul of Chelsea? Who else in this world can make a "mediocre" club like Porto to win Champions league? Porto can hire Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, or even that magnificient Lippi, but I bet $100, they won't even come close to Mourinho. They are undoubtedly great, but let me say the truth, Jose Mourinho is the best manager in the world (and btw, the most expensive also), at least now...

I think Chelsea management has make a major major mistake in their decision-making process... I am truly shocked with the news. I don't personally like Mourinho's style of leadership nor I like his personality. BUT. This man is a genius, and Chelsea should be grateful for having the best manager in the world.

I don't think Chelsea will win anything worth-mentioned this season. Chelsea fans, Say Au Revoir to English Premiership title, Champions league, FA Cup. Good bye. See you again not so soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Confession of a FAT me.

I am fat, yes, very fat. But at least I know that I am fat. Not like those aunties who are fat but still wear so little clothes.. For goodness sake, cover it. That's not very environmentally friendly.

Last time I used to be 66.5 kg (I am 1.71 m), was in good shape (I have never been very muscular nor have six-pack abs, but at least it was flat, I hardly could see any fat there).

Ben! Please stop imagining your used-to-be body, face the reality. I am now 70.4 kg (I weighed myself just this morning), with fat all around my tummy. Can't wear too tight clothes otherwise all the fat will show up.

Blame all the buffet lunches, fending machine snacks, and laziness to go to gym.

Actually last time the key of my successful diet was to give myself 1 day off everyweek, means, I don't diet one day in a week. But since I don't know when, I started to give myself 2 days off everyweek, then 3 days off, and without realizing, I was off 6 days out of 7 days a week. Eating late suppers, cakes, chocolate, ice creams, and the most evil of all.. fast foods!!!

I don't want to tell ya which fast food is the most evil among the evil fast foods, not nice lah. Later police come to my cozy room to accuse me discourage people to buy that particular brand of fast food. Give ya hints.. That fast food is 3 letters, starts with K, ends with C. A very nice fried chicken (not so obvious right..) I want to slap them!! Why fries their chicken so nice until even the most discipline person on earth can't resist!!

OK, come back to my diet.. Must go back to my diet regime.. not more than 1600 calories perday. Must exercise more.. I was there before, so there's no reason for me not able to do that.. I can't wait 6 weeks from now seeing my tummy so flat like LCD. OK lah, not that flat, but at least not big round shape like now.. Feel terrible..

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The "power" of make-up, some photos from CSA Musical

These are some photos my friends took during CSA Musical.. I was super ugly bcoz of the make-up (noone will accept clean and handsome beggars lah, tho I never think that in real life I am super handsome.. :P)

Why most of the photos got me inside? Simple, it's MY blog lahh.. Actually I only played a small role there, less than 10 minutes in total..

Opening song.. I was in red, at the back, basically doing nothing :P

I really fell down as part of my acting to make it more natural.. If you can see, there are two hansaplasts protecting my knees after falling down during rehearsal

Opening song, in dark..

Two very different characters.. the good thing in this Musical, everyone's characters are so strong that we can describe it in one word and everyone else can guess who we mean by that

Closing song.. I was so involved emotionally.. My first and (maybe) last musical had ended.. it's a big success

How nice is it to act in nice clothes!! I envy you! :p

Casts and committe... Great job everyone!!! :)

Happy beggars.. :)

In Memoriam of Princess Diana (1961-1997)

A tribute for The People's princess

Two... in one week.. It was indeed a sad.. sad.. week..

(Unfortunately) the only Elton John's song I can remember.. Candle in The Wind

Princess Diana should be remembered as a loving, down-to-earth mother,
Prince Harry said yesterday at a memorial service during which a bishop urged an
end to a decade of bitterness over her death and her broken marriage.

The service organized by Prince William and
Prince Harry capped a week of recalling Diana’s life and reigniting old battles,
albeit in a far lower key than the emotional tidal wave that swept over Britain
following her death 10 years ago.
In his eulogy,
Harry said it was important “that we remember our mother as she would wish to be
remembered, as she was: fun-loving, generous, down to earth and entirely

Richard Chartres, the bishop of London, called for
an end to the sniping.
“Still 10 years after her
tragic death there are regular reports of ‘fury’ at this or that incident and
the princess’s memory is used for scoring points. Let it end here,” Chartres
“Let this service mark the point at which we
let her rest in peace and dwell on her memory with thanksgiving and compassion.”
That may be wishful thinking.

Diana’s face still sells magazines and
newspapers, and her story inspires an unending stream of books.
A formal inquest into her death opens later this
year. Mohamed al Fayed, whose son died with Diana in the car crash in Paris, has
deployed a high-paid legal team to argue his belief that the couple were the
victims of an Establishment conspiracy led by the queen’s husband, Prince

Diana’s admirers, many of them suspicious of
the cause of her death and resentful of Charles, tied bouquets, poems and
portraits to the gates of Kensington Palace, her former home.

For Harry and his older brother, William, it
was a simple tribute to an adored mother.
“To us,
just two loving children, she was quite simply the best mother in the world,”
Harry said.

Looking back, 10 years ago, just a few hours after Princess Di's death, my Mom (who is a big fan of her), bought all the magazines and newspapers she could find just to read the articles about her.. One week after that, another world's princess died. Her name is Mother Theresa.. Unlike Diana, she doesn't have physical beauty, but her heart is made of the best material possible (I don't think platinum is good enough to represent it).

This world needs ten, twenty or even more of Princess Diana and Mother Theresa...