Saturday, May 20, 2006

My EID..

After having exams for around 1 month (that’s terrible!), finally I can take a deep breath. Exam is over, although Result is not out, yet. I ve given my very best and I will be satisfied, no matter how my result is.
Now, it’s time to party… No!! I still have EID (Engineering Innovation and Design). Basically in this project, we are assigned to innovate an engineering product. We do everything. Yes, everything. We brainstorm the idea (which is really tiring), think about its mechanism and configuration (I dun really understand the meaning of those words, but as an engineer-wannabe, I have to use those words really often :D), make the prototype, think about how are we going to market that product, write reports, set booth, and present our idea. As a student of “world-class university”, we have to be able to do those works :P

Besides doing our projects, we have to attend several modules also. Actually I chose Material selection module as my elective. However, because there was one new member in our group, and she chose the same module as me, I have to change module. I don’t know what’s going on, until finally, my elective changed “automatically” to mechatronics. I was really shocked with that! That module sounds “chim” (hokkien word for difficult). That module needs programming and I am not very good at programming. I have asked everyone, beg them (not that pathetic lah :P) to change module with me, but noone is willing to do that. All of us feel that that module is really difficult and noone dared to take that module. And finally, someone who had to take that module is…. Me, thank you! T_T

However, I am a very optimistic person (I dun force you to believe me, after reading my previous paragraph :P), I believe that nothing is too difficult for me to handle. I believe that nothing is out of my boundary (quoting Rebecca, runner-up of The Apprentice 4).
If you are afraid of something, the best way to eliminate your fear is... by facing it. I am not kidding at all. That’s true. I always say to myself “Dun be afraid, u will be alright.”
And I am alright. I can complete my module in 4 days, instead of the time allowed, that’s 5 days.

After completing my last assignment well, I feel extremely satisfied. I enter my mechatronics lab with no background knowledge. I even dunno what the difference between analog and digital signal is. I only have one thing… an attitude to learn. That’s it. And that attitude makes me able to overcome anything. Yes, you read it correctly. Anything!

I still have 3 weeks to complete my project. But I believe that we are capable to complete our project extremely well. If you, my team-mates, happen to read my blog, I wanna say, I am proud of you and together we can do it! Jia you!!