Wednesday, June 21, 2006

David Beckham versus Steven Gerrard

Both are incredibly talented, charismatic, somehow good looking.

David Beckham
- rich (who disagree?). He used to be the richest footballer in this planet. Now Ronaldinho takes place that position despite his look (kiddin' :D)
- handsome. I am not gay, but everyone can tell that he has a face that most men will envy. Unless u are Brad Pitt of course.
- famous. Maybe he is not the best footballer in the world, but he is definitely the most famous one.
- happy. I somewhat feel that this point is rather controversial. Anyway.. who is happier than a rich man with beautiful (and famous) wife and three children?

Steven Gerrard
- Loyal. Liverpool fans out there, thanks GOD. While his ex-teammate, Michael Owen decided to leave Liverpool for Real Madrid, he insisted to be in Liverpool. The next year, Gerrard get the reason why Owen left Liverpool, Champion League trophy.
- Energetic and Passionate. If you see Steven Gerrard play, u will see a young man full of passion and energy (even after the Italian giant, AC Milan had scored 3 goals and Liverpool had not scored anything)
But even wikipedia dun say anything about his personal life.

However, for me, Steven Gerrard is definitely more capable than David Beckham (and John Terry and Joe Cole and Frank Lampard and Michael Owen etc) to be the next England National Team captain. England needs more than just David Beckham to be its captain. What it needs is a more energetic, passionate player. And Steven Gerrard definitely suits that position. I am definitely not very objective because I am one of Gerrard' fans, but maybe 3 or 4 years from now, Sven Goran Ericksson's successor will thank me for writing this blog :D

Friday, June 16, 2006

World Cup 2006 - Where Legends Are Born

All football lovers will find themselves in heaven these months.
Last May, there was Champions League final, where Barcelone beat 10-man Arsenal. I support neither Barcelona nor Arsenal. Juventus is the only football club I love.

And now, one of the largest sport events in the world takes place in Germany. World Cup ve just begun last week.

I support England as my favourite team. Despite its bad luck since tens of years ago, I am still very confident that England will win this year's World Cup. It has some of the best players in the world. It has very strong midfielders like Steven Gerrard (the soul of Liverpool), Frank Lampard (the magnificient of Chelsea, together with John Terry, also english-man), and the famous David Beckham (they are absolutely an excellent pair). However, I still hope that Wayne Rooney will find no difficulty coping with his injury. He is definitely a superb striker, much better than Michael Owen, and Peter Crouch (the last no need to mention :D)

My Prediction

Quarter = Germany vs Netherlands, England vs Argentina, Czech vs France, Brazil vs Spain
Semifinal = Germany vs England, Czech vs Brazil
Final = England vs Brazil
Winner = England!!
R-up = Brazil
3rd place = Czech
4th place = Germany

However, I still hope that South Korea can defeat Spain in the last 16, to advance to quarter. Then defeat Brazil in quarter final and Czech in semi-final.
So, England versus Korea in the final.. Hmm.. tough decision to make :D

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Indonesian = late (always) ??

I can't find any better title for my post today.

Last night, I made appointment with one of my close friends at 11 am today. We planned to meet a professor for some matters.
I wake up at 10.15 (went to bed at 1, what a pig.)
Then I took a shower.
Then I drank my fave drink, a cuppa hot green tea.
Then I read my bible (I read it everyday).
Then I browsed internet (I browsed internet every hour). That stupid Germany team found themselves lucky after scoring a goal at injury time.

At 10.55 am, I sent a sms to my friend, to ask where was he.
But no answer.

At 11.30, no answer. I started to curse him
At 12, again, no answer. I dunno what to do. I started to get sleepy again. When I got nothing to do, sleep is always a good (and healthy) activity to do.
At 12 something, I slept already. What a healthy pig.

Then at 1.30 pm, there is a SMS in my phone, disturbing my very good sleep. Sh*t!

"Dimana kamu??" (where are you?? - Indonesian).

I dunno what to reply. He was late for almost 3 hours and sent a super short sms without saying sorry, and the worst part is, he disturbed my sleep. That's unforgivable.

It's not the first time he was late. Maybe this is the 20th or 30th or 40th. I dunno. For me, 5 minutes late is late and that's terrible.

Almost every saturday morning, I played badminton. I usually make appointment at 8.30 am with my (indonesian) friends. But I always look stupid by standing alone in the middle of badminton courts, find noone there.

Then at 9, one of my friend comes. He is the first one. Thanks GOD.

Then at 10, one sms comes. Asking wheter I am still in the badminton court.

Then at 11, one sms comes. Saying sorry that he can't come because of bla bla bla. I think he saved that sentence in his template message so that he can send it when needed.

Then at 12, I finish playing badminton, realizing that the most enthusiastic person last nite never appears.

I wonder so many times. Is INDONESIAN always LATE? Actually I am quite paiseh (embarrassed) to say that. I myself is Indonesian (at least until 5 or 6 years from now).

Does GOD plant a DNA to every Indonesian to always be late? Which is very unlikely.

Then why?

I ve make appointment with singaporeans, indians, china chinese, ang moh (caucasian), vietnamese, etc etc. They are seldom late (at least they are better than indonesian, a lot.)

I have to be honest. Sometimes I am late also. But I always have a very strong reason for that. And I will feel very guilty when that happens.

This is a joke I read in internet not very long time ago.

American : why are u late?
Indonesian : because I am indonesian.

And there is an (indonesian) hypocrite writing comment.. Hey sir, that's insulting. U are stereotyping everyone bla bla bla.

Why not just say one word, sorry.. That's definitely better by far.

I am not stereotyping. I just make a very logical conclusion of a statistical population after observing a lot of samples.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

A wallet miracle.. A real story, guaranteed!!

Who said that miracle only happens on story books or best-seller fiction? It does happen everywhere, It does happen for anyone, including me.

Yesterday I just come back home from school when it started to rain. I ran very quickly so that I dun realize when I dropped my wallet. Actually that wallet is quite heavy. There are some paper money, coins, cards, etc. If it is not raining, I think I will know when the wallet dropped.

I reached my room at about 7.30 pm, and I browsed some website after that just to kill the time. At around 8, I decided to sleep because I want to watch World Cup opening match at night. I wake up at around 9.30 after getting some "bad dream". I dreamed that I lost my wallet. I was so panic when I wake up. I searched that wallet everywhere in my room but can't find it. Then I remembered that I went to toilet in hall 8 before reaching my room. Then I decided to run to that place, but again, I can't find that wallet. I was sooo sad, sooo panic. I don't know what to do anymore. I am not very healthy last night (and still not very healthy now), but I just don't care about anything but my wallet. Finally I decided to call SAO to block my matriculation card and OCBC to block my ATM card. But before I do that, I just got a strange feeling that I must go to search for my wallet one more time. I trust my feeling more than anything else in this world (except my GOD of course), so I go down to hall 8 toilet one more time. I feel so frustated. Until finally, I decided to let that wallet go and pray for GOD. I promise GOD to give $10 donation if I can find my wallet (By the way, my wallet and everything inside worth around $200). And u guess what happened next?? MIRACLE! I find my wallet just outside my hall, in the road. Thanks GOD it was raining so noone noticed that there is a wallet there, expect me of course :D
I feel so relieved after I found that wallet. Thanks GOD..

And today, I donate $10 to my church.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Results come out.. Arghhh...

This week my heart beats 3 times faster than usual. Two important results come out; exam and IA allocation. On Monday night, after going back from KL (Kuala Lumpur), one of the WORST trips EVER, my result for this semester came out. I am disappointed, honestly. I study as hard as last semester, but my result is a lot worse. It is OK actually, but i just think that i deserve more, much more.

But at least, I don't have a terrible weekend full of tears after I see my IA (Industrial Attachment) allocation result. I got my 2nd choice, which is Philips Electronics. Actually I applied Motorola as my 1st choice, but nevermind, I am quite happy to get Philips for my IA place. It is quite near to my place and the pay is also good (that's the most important think :P)

I don't know whether I should smile or cry, but I think I ve given my very best and I should be satisfied with all my results. I believe that all those results are the best for me, given by GOD and He has a very beautiful plan for my life. Maybe 30 or 40 years from now, u will understand why u have such a unique life, not the same with others, and not the same with what u expect. Life is like that, it can only be understood backward, but It can only be done forward.