Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bad Guys get to fuck all the girls... Understand????

OKAY. I admit. I am angry. SOOOO ANGRY.

This week I watched 2 movies. And those movies make me angry, but in different ways.

1. Disaster Movie

Just like the title, this movie is TRULY a disaster. Have you ever watched a video on youtube where people basically just put photos and combine them with some OH-SO-ROMANTIC songs? Copy and paste eh?

And some idiots just learnt that OH-SO-CREATIVE concept and apply it to make a movie. And EUREKA! We are presented with this load of shit. And I mean, literally.

My rating = 0/5. I guess we can't put negative number for a rating.

2. My best friend's girl

Starring Kate Hudson and Dane Cook, this movie understands the golden rule of movie success. KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Love is a never-die movie theme.

Well, it is worth every single cent of my money...

What makes me angry is, moral of the movie : Bad guys win. Good guys don't stand a chance.

If you want to get a girl, this is what you need to do:

fucking insert some "fuck" in your fucking sentence so that fucking ASSHOLE girl fucking want to fuck you.

As simple as that. FUCK.

OKAY. I know I swear excessively.

Girls, I seriously want to ask you... If you have the luxury to choose between 2 guys, equally handsome, equally rich.

1st guy: treat you like Cinderella, open the car door for you. Pull your chair before you sit in a restaurant (and more importantly, pay for that meal).

2nd guy: treat you like shit, embarrass you in front of your family and guests, and at least use the word "fuck" 3 times in every single sentence of the conversation

Which one will you choose?

If my future daughter ever choose the 2nd guy, I will send her to rehabilitation centre.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! Totally don't understand, how on earth a girl can choose a bad guy over a decent guy. Effect of melamine maybe?

But the sad fact is... that's the fact. So many IDIOTS choose to date bad guys simply because they look cool with all those piercings and tattoos....

When the girls got dumped or the guys play cheat with other girls, they cry one night or two. Using up 1 box of tissue and be cruel to the forest.

Cheating is bad, but it can be forgiven. Being stupid is unforgivable, and it deserves some tens of good tight slaps. Those girls should be punished wearing a big signage... "I HAVE SINNED BECAUSE I DATE A BAD GUY AND I GOT DUMPED AFTER WE HAVE SEX. FUCK!!!!"

Well, some things in life just can't be explained.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am back..

Yup.. I am back. Working life has been quite hectic... so hectic that everytime I got a one-day off (including weekends btw), I feel like winning a lottery (well, I don't know how it feels, coz I have never won any lottery in my life.. but anyway, you get my point.)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Singapore. People here don't do a 9-to-5 job. We are still in the office until at least 8pm.. and beyond.

Mind you, there is no such a thing called working hours or private hours. We have the worst technology EVER called handphone, and as long as you have a handphone, you are expected to be contactable for most of the time... And "to be contactable" means more work... longer working hours, and some things similar to that.

Anyway... count myself lucky. I am still have the job while thousands are now making a site like their new favourite website...

Count myself lucky, that I have the best friends in the world.

Happy birthday to Yulia, Tika, Ronald, Inge... May all your wishes come true.. and may God grants you health, happiness, and prosperity. It's great to have you all as my friends.

And finally, a very beautiful song named after ME. Oh Gosh, I am SOOO HONORED. Oh well...

If I ever have a daughter like Connie Talbot, I will quit my job and become a full-time stay-home father.. Haha joking. But she is wonderful indeed.