Wednesday, October 31, 2007

BSR = Bloggers' Social Responsibility

Ever heard of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)? A lot of companies are doing it, be it underprivileged children’s education support, or action against discrimination. I am not sure whether they are doing it just for the sake of publicity, or truly from their heart, and to be very fair, I am not in the position to judge that.

If a company is doing it, why not us? Our blog may not be as popular as Xiaxue’s, but there must be someone who read our blog, no matter how few they are. We play a role in shaping their mindset, their thinking, and their action. If we write something negative, we influence our readers doing something negative also. It’s a free-speech world I know, but why not use our right for free-speech by doing something positive like He makes use of his popularity for inspiring people to take part in charity event. May God bless him.

Why complain a lot?? Answer: because everybody complains a lot also!!! It’s not nice to blog about your success, because everybody is basically a jealous creature. They don’t like people to succeed, that makes us feel like a failure. We don’t like people to look smart, that makes us feel like an idiot. There are 1000 good things about NUS, NTU, SMU, National Library, MRT (ours is one of the best in the world), Public Bus, etc, but Why must we spot and blog about one thing that’s not so nice?? Why must we blog about all the bad things about our government, while it’s so clear that our government is one of the smartest and most honest in the world? Why? Why?

I know some of you will think that I am a hypocrite. I AM!! But at least, I know how to be a good hypocrite. I know that I may feel shitty inside, I may not like a person, but I don’t think I need to show it to people that I don’t like them. I SMILE all the time, which makes everyone feels good. Why not blog everything that’s good and encouraging, and leave the shitty part as your private post or keep it as a draft?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I thought my life was complete, until...

“So sweet!!!”

That’s my first reaction when I read this post by Aaron Peng.

I thought my life was complete, until you came and made me realise how wrong I

I was like… that is really me. I always think my life is just so perfect. I study in good school, have wonderful family, surrounded by good friends. My health is perfect, my face is more handsome than ever , I don’t wear glasses, and I don’t need those slimming pills to stay slim healthy.

Perfect isn’t that??

However, can you remember those days when mobile phone hasn’t been very popular yet (sh*t, I sound so old), you didn’t need to carry any mobile at all, and your life was just fine without that. Now? I can’t live peacefully without bringing my mobile. Something is just not so normal.

Or maybe long time ago, you felt that fish and chip near your house was simply the best fish & chip in the world, before you ate Botak Jones? (I am not paid to write about it, I wish I am.)

Maybe my life is perfect now (I honestly feel it is.). However, who knows after I get that special someone, I will say exactly like Aaron Peng : I thought my life was complete, until you came and made me realise how wrong I was


Monday, October 29, 2007

Girls make the first move?? (part 2)

In my last post, which was number 2 of top-10 most popular posts at, I mentioned about 5 types of guy... and whether a girl stands a chance if she expresses her love first. My friends asked me, what type of guy I am. Then I realized that none of them describes me perfectly, so I am going to add 5 more types of guy here.

6. Bad guy
This type of guy, not necessarily has tattoos or hair dyed in orange, has a rebellious nature. Some people think bad guy is begging for love and attention by acting rude and abnormal. However, if a bad guy loves someone, he will sacrifice something that normal guy won’t do, including, maybe, his life.
Tips for Girls: Don’t make the first move. He likes challenges, and he will not appreciate something which he can get so easily. Let him have the show, let him show his unbelievable love for you.

7. Mr. Nice guy
Quite opposite of bad guy, he is the one that opens the car's door for his girl, buys fresh roses often, and smiles all the time like he wins lottery. This guy is every parent’s dream. However, if he thinks that someone has been disloyal, he can be the cruelest person on earth.
Tips for Girls: Be careful. Just because he sends you home often or he asks whether you are alright after that disastrous exam, it DOESN’T necessarily mean he likes you. He is nice BY NATURE, and he is nice to almost everyone. I would say, it’s pretty safe for you to express your love first to this type of guy, BUT, you have to know, this type of guy sometimes doesn’t reject you directly, he will start to make some distance with you instead. By that time, you must realize, you are done, move on.

8. Perfectionist-Idealist Guy
This guy reads Time, Bill Clinton: My Life, and other famous successful people, and hopefully, he can be like them. Like his name, this type of guy always think about what SHOULD happen, rather than what really happens.
Tips for Girls: One word. DON’T. This guy thinks he SHOULD be the one who proposes you, because a guy SHOULD be the one who takes initiative.

9. Desperate Guy
Desperate guys not necessarily the ones who are short, ugly, and fat. Although most of the time, they are! They are just desperate, that’s all. Maybe they proposed Angelina Jolie or Jade Seah before, got rejected, and since then, thought they are no good.
Tips for Girls: If you finally settle with this guy, he will love you so much. However, this kind of guy needs something to build up his confidence, so, it’s better for you not to express your love first. Let him do it, and if you really love him, why not playing a part by giving clearer clue? If you express your love first, he will think that maybe you just want to make use of him because for him, that’s too good to be true!

10. Happy single guy
This guy thinks that his life is complete without having to have relationship with a girl. YES, IT IS! He is either, too occupied with work, family, study, or anything, and he doesn’t have time for a relationship.
Tips for Girls: Enter with your own risk. However, my suggestion, DON’T. If he doesn’t have time to get to know you, he doesn’t have time to love you. Let him marry his job, and you marry someone else.

So, what’s my type? I think someone who knows me long enough will definitely know it. I would say I am 50% leader-guy, 25% Mr.Nice guy, and 25% Happy single guy. Relationship is not my life priority, although, I can’t say it’s not important.

Anyway, good luck GIRLS.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Girls make the first move??

Just read an interesting post by

Girls make the first move. My view?

That depends on the type of guys.

1. Leader-guy
This type of guy is the one you usually see everywhere, from sport camps to charity works. A guy with phone always ringing all the time except during exams and presentations.
Tips for girls: Don’t make the first move. He likes to initiate something, so give him what he likes to do most in this world, leading, taking initiative.

2. Celebrity-guy
This guy always get tens of pairs of eyes looking at him wherever he is, usually has physical form that’s above average, including handsome face, well-defined body, and nice hair.
Tips for girls: if you have the guts, express your love. There’s nothing more flattering for that kind of guys than a girl expressing her love. You might not get him, because girls have been queuing from NTU to Orchard Road. However, believe me, even if he doesn’t accept your love, he won’t hurt you, because celebrity-guy is very careful with his reputation.

3. Romantic-guy
This guy read, sleep, and eat Shakespeare. His MSN nick is always something like “If loving you is a crime, then I am guilty”.
Tips for girls: I would say 50-50. Go to your nearest National Library, and borrow Shakespeare. Or write in your MSN nick “If loving me is a crime, I don’t mind forgiving you.” Then... WAIT!! If he finds your nick very interesting, he will ask you in MSN “Hey, what book did you read? That’s such an interesting quote!” Ehemm.. Have a nice chat.

4. No-Initiative-guy
This guy is a bit sissy. It can be his appearance, or his way of talking, or his act. Before he goes for a haircut, he will research the whole internet first, or ask the whole MSN list to get a haircut recommendation.
Tips for girls: If you don’t mind this type of guy, express your love, you will have a good chance. But seriously ask yourself, before he proposes you as his wife, the whole Singapore and Malaysia will have already known, because he will ask what kind of ring is the best. OR.. Maybe you will be the one who says “Please marry me. Please become my husband.”

5. Nerd
This guy loves his laptop more than anything else in the world. Need I say more?
Tips for girls: this type of guy doesn’t have time for girls, so girls, don’t be afraid to make the first move. Be prepared to read some Computer Magazine, although so far, you would rather read a newspaper written in Hebrew than a computer magazine. This guy ADORES smart girl. BUT. Don’t over-smart him, he hates it. Tell him your opinion about something, and ask him whether your opinion is correct. He loves it!!!

So... depends on the type of guy, you should strategize it accordingly. That also depends on how risk-averse you are. If you are someone who doesn’t mind taking a bit of risk or rejection, I must say, GO GIRLS!

However, if you are someone who will cry three days because of a guy, you better wait for your Prince to propose for you. Polish your personality, nothing is sexier than a girl who says “thank you” to the auntie who cleans your table in the canteen. Good luck.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Miracle today

I got a technical test today, one stage of recruitment process to enter one of the companies I applied.

I don't know why, the night before, I couldn't sleep. I think I slept at about 2 a.m. after 1 hour trying to sleep. Too excited maybe? :)

The night before, I set up my alarm at 7. The technical test is at 9 at SMU, so that's just perfect.

I woke up at 8, because one friend called me! By the way, my phone was in silent mode. I am a pig, and I usually don't wake up just because the soft vibration of my phone, which was so far away. I put the phone in the silent mode because usually the table clock is loud enough to make everyone in my block jumping from their bed. However, today, I switched it off without realizing it. Maybe I was just too tired. I believe it's God's plan.. Maybe He wants me to rest longer so my mind is fresher when doing the test.

I took bus to go there, and I arrived there at 9.20. The test began at 9.30, but the registration started at 9 pm. If I woke up 15 minutes later, I am late for the test (of course, you can say, I could just take taxi, but still that experience is so amazing. Like God has already planned everything for me.)

I learned something today. We, humans, are so powerless. We can prepare everything nicely. We can say to ourselves "perfecto!!" However, WHAT IF..

Your table clock runs out battery,
You eat poisonous breakfast that makes your stomach so painful,
Your bus suddenly got some engine problems, and the phone of taxi companies ALL got problems, so you can't contact them.

OK, I am a bit too imaginative, but still, anything can happen. That's why, surrendering ourselves to the higher power (for me, God), is very important.

When the bus driver is so slow, instead of saying "idiot!!", try to think something positive like, "He just want to make our journey safe.."

I think that's the essence of happiness.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Kimi Raikkonen is 2007 F1 Champion

Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen becomes the 2007 drivers' champion after winning the
Brazilian Grand Prix from team mate Felipe Massa. Fernando Alonso takes third
for McLaren, with Lewis Hamilton only seventh after mechanical problems early in
the race.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My post is number 1 @!! I am BLOODY CURIOUS!

83 times for a big non-sense post? That’s a pretty impressive number.

Btw, In case you can't read small letters, I help you to read it. My last post titled "Can you live in Singapore with $1.10?" is number 1 in the most popular posts list.

The reasons are the same as what I said last time..
1. It’s got nothing to do with sex, money, BGR, or people’s stupidity
2. I posted it at 4 in the morning. Assuming you all are not owls, you would have been sleeping by that time.

Actually what makes you decide to read something in other people’s blogs? I am just curious.

For me, these are post titles I definitely won’t bother to click.
1. Politics, unless something very interesting like “Bush is Gay.” That’s why, everytime I read the word “Myanmar”, I will move on to the next article. Not because I am indifferent or what, I just don’t think I can help them by reading another news about it.
2. How to make money using internet or something like that.
3. What did I buy yesterday... or what did I eat yesterday. Please, unless you are Paris Hilton, people won’t care what you eat or buy.
4. Anything about blogging accomplishment like “My post is number 1 at!!” which means, if this post is written by other people, I won’t bother to read. Selfish right?

Every time I read news, or E-mails, advertisement or any written materials, I only allow 5 seconds to decide whether that writing is worth my time (which is, by the way, quite expensive.). So if in that first 5 seconds, I find no reason to continue reading, that’s it.

That’s why, the art of advertising is very important. People don’t have time to read long stuffs. They are busy, and don’t expect them to read nonsense. Give a hook so people will allow another 5 seconds to continue reading. And then another 1 minute, and another 5 minutes. In fact, I don’t think you need 5 minutes to decide whether something is non-sense or not.

I think this post is also non-sense. You will find it pretty soon, so if you are still reading until now, I am wondering whether you are exceptionally free, or you are extremely interested with linguistics :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Can you live in Singapore with $1.10 a day?

Let me give you the answer: Yes, you can.
I had $1.30 in my wallet this morning, and now I still have 20 cents with me.

I woke up at 12 noon. Usually I have some breakfast in the canteen, but a breakfast set costs $1.50. Poor me.

I had Milo for my breakfast, and then rushing to National Library to borrow books. When I just about stepped my foot to 199 bus (to go back to NTU), I realized.. “Sh*t, I forget to withdraw money again!”... So here I am with $1.30.

$1.30 is enough to buy waffle (Red bean only, because the chocolate waffle, my favourite, costs $1.50.). And here I am with red-bean waffle for lunch, 20 cents in my wallet, and rushing for my class.

And then I remembered that today there’s a recruitment talk by a bank in my school. So, I don’t need to withdraw money at all. Hurray! I eat a very nice dinner for free!

Conclusion : You can live in Singapore with $1.10 a day!

Further research : Can you live in Singapore with 20 cents a day?

I think I read too much journals for my Final Year Project already.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Service Extraordinaire @ NLB Tampines

Congratulation if u decided to read this post, it's a very rare post I guarantee. Why? Because people complain when they experience bad customer service, and keep quiet when the service is good (they thought they DESERVE good service.)

However, today’s experience truly opened my eyes wide, what a good service is.
That service extraordinaire doesn’t happen at expensive restaurant or first-class airport. It happened at National Library (Tampines branch)

I was looking for a book title. It’s written in the computer system to be available for loan, but I couldn’t find that title in the book shelf. I asked the librarian about it.

Of course I need the book (otherwise, why should I go to Tampines library while I live in Boon Lay.), but I can understand, there are tens of thousands books there, and It’s just very possible for a book to be missing or someone was reading it without borrowing it officially.

The librarian auntie has an angelic smile, and she told me, she will help me to find the book... She tried to go to the bookshelf but she also couldn’t find it.

At that point of time, a good explanation about the book would suffice.

BUT!!! You guess what!

She called her staffs to help to find the book everywhere... from the bookshelves around (in case people are lazy to put it back to the right location after reading), to the library tables, to the book inventory room. In short, she asked to find the book EVERYWHERE in the library. She asked me to come back in 10 minutes time.

I was like... WOW. This librarian is nowhere near mediocrity. She deserves Nobel Prize for outstanding service (have?)

At the end, she couldn’t find that book, and that’s perfectly alright. I thanked her and told her “This is the best customer service I have ever experienced, NLB is very lucky to have an employee like you.”

And I really, really mean it.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The art of getting people to read your blog?

My last post (NTU Final Year = Hell?) is in the top 10 most popular posts of
My reaction? I didn't believe it. I don't expect this post to be read so often, seriously.

It's got nothing to do with sex, money, porn, BGR, people's stupidity, or any of the eye-catching topics. (They thought laughing at people's stupidity makes them feel smart.)

Why must be this post? I got so many better posts...

That explains, the most effective advertisement, or marketing strategy is not necessarily the perfect one. I don't know much about human's psychology, but I guess, understanding what motivates people to take action (in this case, clicking on my post and read it) is one of the most difficult things to learn, and one of the most useful also. I have 101 reasons not to do something, but I only need one STRONG reason to do something, and I will do it.

Being branding expert sounds fun :)

NTU Final Year = Hell?

Endless projects, quizzes, job search. Experiencing final year in NTU gives all the possible reasons to lose sleep, and lose weight (providing less sleep means less weight, although the opposite is true.)

With some presentations coming up, Final Year Projects materials are waiting to be analyzed, and some more company presentations to be attended (presentations = free foods), I truly feel, GOSH, I am going to faint.

But hey! Aren’t Universities supposed to prepare students for the real world? Real working life? With tight deadlines to meet, appointments to attend, and meetings to prepare? So, why complain? Send personal thank-you note to your Dean for giving you a no-life life.

I guess, I just need to be persistent. Ben, Hang in there! Quoting JFK when he planned to send mission to moon... “We do it not because it is easy but because it is difficult.”

Welcome to the real world.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Do you want some slimming products? *feeling insulted*

One saleswoman at Guardian shop gets my vote to be the most straightforward salesperson I have ever encountered. For most of the time, I like straightforward people. They value my time, and theirs as well. But. Of course, situation will play a crucial role...

Today I just browsed through Guardian shop, looking for some vitamins or such, coz I only left with around 5 tablets in my vitamin bottle. Thinking of comparing prices, looking for maybe new product which is better than my current multivitamin.

Then in the middle of browsing through, a 30-year-old lady approached me.. "Ni zhao shenme?" (or in English, what are you looking for?)..

Then I replied "Bu yong ah.. Wo kan kan yi xiar" or something like that, excuse my Hanyu Pinyin. Usually, that sentence will chase salespeople away.. at least for a moment. I never think my Mandarin is perfect, 1000 miles from that. But at least I think I pronounce that clearly, coz I have been using that sentence for more than 20 times.

However.. that saleslady is super thick skin. She kept talking, in Mandarin. Of course I didn't understand much, and I didn't care to understand either. I appreciate your willingness to help me, but at that point of time, please shut up. Let me shop and browse through peacefully, coz I know how to read a Nutrition Facts or such. Then she posted a question, and I didn't understand, so I told her "Ni hui shuo Yingwen (English) ma?" Then she started speaking an absolutely-broken English. Then I told her, I am planning to buy a multivitamins but now I am still comparing prices and such.

Then she was turning impatient.. and asked me "OR you want some medicine to remove the pimples?" OKAY!!! I got some pimples, but this is temporary, only when I got stressed-up with study and those nasty pimples will go away in 1 week time. Don't ask so obvious question can or not??

After I said no, she asked again.. "HOW ABOUT SLIMMING PRODUCTS??"

I felt insulted. FINE! I am fat, if you want to really use Brad Pitt's standard to decide someone is fat or not. I am 70.5 kg and 171 cm, and that's of course slightly overweight. I know how to calculate BMI and even know my own body-fat ratio. So.. I know my own body. If I want to buy slimming products in the future, I will buy it, BUT not now. So, don't need to ask me whether I want to buy slimming products or not. You better take care of your own cellulite problem before caring about my slightly overweight body.

Okay. I am a bit too sensitive today, after having very little rest the day before, preparing for quiz... But definitely! The lady deserves some sales lesson. No need to go to Harvard or Wharton. Any school will teach that.. never never insult your customer. If I, who is a man felt insulted, how about a woman? You try to ask her lah.. "Hey Miss big tummy, you want to buy a slimming product or not?" And please tell me, how it feels to get a good warm tight slap.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I'll Stand by You.

When you're standing at the crossroads,
don't know which path to choose,
Let me come along, cause even if your wrong
I'll stand by you, I'll stand by you,
I won't let nobody hurt you,
I'll stand by you.
Take me in into your darkest hour, and I'll never desert you.
I'll stand by you.

I have been pondering about those lyrics for a long time.. And the longer I ponder, the more I feel the beauty of that song.

If there's a subject about love in school, I will definitely get F for the subject. Pondering upon my past relationships, most of them ended in a very sad way. I mean, we were saying goodbye nicely.. but.. BUT. Actually the relationship can be saved, at least for some more months.. or weeks.

Whenever my ex asked me an opinion for something, the first thing I do was analyzing the case. I will asked tens of questions, just like judge in the court. After that, I will say my stand.. And for most of the time, I judged her very badly. I am an engineer, and that is what we do all the time. Judging, analyzing, making conclusion. That can be applied for a lot of life stuffs, for not for girl, I guess.

Maybe the next time I need to give an opinion about something, I will just say.. "I know you are in a difficult situation, and If I were you, I would be equally confused. But don't worry, whatever your decision is, I'll stand by you."

Yes, that's what a girl needs. She doesn't care what your opinion is, and she will be equally confused after she listens your opinion. What she needs is someone who will lend her a shoulder, and will say "Darling, I'll stand by you no matter what."...

Sadly, I learn that very slowly...

Friday, October 05, 2007

My post is top-2 at!!!! :)

Honestly, PopOut was good except for one thing
84 pongs (18 hours, 31 minutes ago)

Wanted: A wife!! =P ----> this is my post =)
53 pongs (15 hours, 17 minutes ago)

Singaporean Women and the 5 C's
51 pongs (11 hours, 59 minutes ago)

To My Readers: Here's Your Answer
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CUTEST Wedding Cake ever (perfect for gamers)
45 pongs (8 hours, 46 minutes ago)

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40 pongs (12 hours, 25 minutes ago)

PopOut! Singapore: Mozilla earns USD60million in 2005 from ...
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Bad management
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PopOut! Singapore: The book nerd who wowed the crowd
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TOP 10 Reasons to GET MARRIED (Female & Males Perspectives)
17 pongs (19 hours, 26 minutes ago)

Aiyohh... don’t laugh at my computer skill lah... I don’t know what program to use to display the page, so I just copy-and-paste lor..
So excited, after so long blogging, it’s my first time to be in the top-10 of

I guess it’s not so difficult to be in the top-10, your post must be:
1. Simple
2. Interesting (sex, money, love, jokes, people's stupidity, and relationship are the most eye-catching topics I think)
3. Funny (especially the title.)

I think you can learn a lot about marketing and advertising by blogging :)

Btw, this post has already been at top-20! Having 2 posts in the top-20... oh, i am in heaven level 179! lol..

Wanted: A wife!! =P

A man who is very desperate to get married finally decided to post ads in the local newspaper...
“Wanted: a wife. Any race, any age, any religion!”
And the following day, hundreds of MEN responded to his ads... writing:

“Look no more... You can have MINE!”
Sad... sad... sad... lol

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The most important thing.. of all.

The Apprentice is my favourite TV show. It teaches us a lot of business lessons and also life lessons.

I do agree business world is pretty scary, not for the faint-hearted, for sure. People said, in politics, there is no eternal friend or eternal enemy. I do think in business that statement also holds.

In The Apprentice, there are some very close friends who attacked each other in the board room, who blatantly lied just to get a step closer to win. That’s pretty sad I think. Although it’s written in the beginning of every episode that it’s nothing personal, it’s just about business. BUT, still. How you act in one event is how you act in every area in your life. This is of course a subjective statement, but I personally think so.

I truly love Rebecca, the runner-up of The Apprentice 4, for being so honest and has a sky-high level of integrity. She is smart (well, not as smart as Randal, the winner), persuasive (again, not the most persuasive among all) but nothing beats her principle towards the right thing. And If I were Donald Trump, I would definitely hire her TOO.

Sorry for being so naive, but I would just do what Rebecca did if I were in her position. Integrity and loyalty are on the top of my life’s values, and if I have to exchange those with success or fame, I definitely refuse to do that. Don’t get me wrong, I work extremely hard to get the success I deserve. Anyway...Who doesn’t want success, or fame, or money? Even if you are a priest or monk, if you are given a choice, to ride a bicycle or drive a car, I am pretty sure you will choose the later. This is a materialistic world, indeed. However, I believe one thing. Money or position or fame can make people admire you; your character will make people RESPECT you; and your kind heart will make people LOVE you. What’s more important in this world than being loved and respected? A lot of people work extremely hard to get love and respect aren’t they?

I... and my principles.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Why Women make better conversationalists..

Woman 1: "Did you get a new haircut?"
Woman 2: "Yes, I did. Thanks for noticing."
Woman 1: "Oh! That's so cute!"
Woman 2: "Do you think so? I wasn't sure after my hairdresser gave me the mirror. I mean, you don't think it's too fluffy looking?"
Woman 1: "Oh no! No, it's perfect. I'd love to get my hair cut like that, but I think my face is too wide. I'm pretty much stuck with this stuff I think."
Woman 2: "Are you serious? I think your face is adorable. And you could easily get one of those layer cuts - that would look so cute I think. I was actually going to do that except that I was afraid it would accent my long neck."
Woman 1: "Oh, that's funny! I would love to have your neck!"
Woman 2: "Are you kidding? I know girls that would love to have your shoulders. Everything drapes so well on you. I mean, look at my arms, see how short they are? If I had your shoulders I could get clothes to fit me so much easier."


Man 1: "Haircut?"
Man 2: "Yeah. Why?"
Man 1: "Nothing, just ask."
Man 2: "Okay"

Worst Public Speaking Experience... I was so humiliated!!

During your presentation, if people started to look at the watch, wondering why it's so slow, then you are finished.

I had my worst presentation experience just now. Not entirely my fault, but that's enough to make me eat twice as normal (stress makes you fat.)

I did my slides the night before, until 2 in the morning, then woke up at 8 to rush for class, then everytime i had no class I finished up the slides. 40 over slides. A lot of nice pictures there.

But the problem is.. i don't know how much time i had.. i didn't bother to find out. I thought, OK, I prepare 40 slides, if I have more time I will go through every slides. If I only have a few minutes, I will just scan through it.

I was the second presenter. My friend has 10 slides and he spoke for about 10 minutes. Of course I won't speak for 40 minutes unless I was a full-time lecturer. So I spoke for about 12 minutes, covered 40 over slides.

Halfway through my presentation, my supervisor looked at the door. My friends looked so blank, and I myself can't believe that I was stuck in that super boring presentation delivered by me. If I can dig the floor, maybe I will just dig it and hide there forever.

Then he gave comment... He was lost, the presentation has got no structure, too many slides, too many words, too little verbal explanation. I was like... shit, I ve done the slides for HOURS, I didn't even have proper lunch (only sipped milk and munched bread while doing my slides.).

But I learned very valuable lessons about public speaking:
1. Know your audience. What they have already known and what they want to know.
2. Know how much time you will be having. 10 minutes or 20 or 40.
3. Don't cover too many things. The audiences won't understand. Or they won't bother to know either.

Some most important lessons in life are learned in very painful ways. For me, If I can learn those lessons, I don't mind taking the pain.