Friday, August 18, 2006

Losing Weight is Damn Easy!!!

I wonder, why slimming pills company can survive and even make big bucks all the time, if slimming down is almost effortless, at least for me.

I spent the first 20 years of my life overweight (a lot, by the way), trying to consume some “natural” slimming pills for 3 times at least (which absolutely only burn my cash, not my fat), and only find the “secrets” of losing weight and fat 3 months ago.

And it is not only about losing weight and fat. I gain some also. I gain abundant energy to wake up at 6.20 everyday and sleep after midnight, run 3 km in a straight, hit the gym 2 or 3 times a week without failing.

It works for me very well. I believe it works for guys also (I dunno how about girls).

If you are interested to find out more, send $100 to my bank account and let me explain it to you by phone. Hahaha, I am joking. My “secrets” are so simple that I dun even find it appropriate to call them “secrets”.

The first secret is nothing to do with exercises. It is inside your head. Your way of thinking will affect how well you will do in your slimming down program. If you think that losing 10 kg of your weight is as impossible as waiting for Paris Hilton to come to your house and saying, “Please marry me...”, you lose already. If you think that you are “destined” to be fat and ugly and sick and lonely and miserable, you wish will be granted.
Everyone has the right to be as fit as Ronaldinho or Yao Ming. Get an amazing abs like Brad Pitt or Janet Jackson. It depends on you whether you want to take your right or not.

The second secret is about dieting. It is so simple than I even remember it better than my own cell phone number (which I forgot twice so far).
My Eating Plan.
7 am good breakfast (1 bread and 1 serving of low fat milk)
11am snack (fruit only, no bread or noodle, and by the way, durian is definitely a stupid choice)
1 pm lunch (50% less rice)
4 pm snack (again, fruit only)
7 pm dinner (80% less rice), and I add 400ml of milk if I hit the gym.
I never say it is easy anyway. It is just simple.

The third secret is about exercising. It is also simple.
Cardio exercise – twice a week. 20 minutes in total. It is like running on the treadmill, but using different running plan. 2 minutes walking, 17 minutes cardio, 1 minutes cool down. During the 17 min cardio, I alternate between slow jogging and fast running, 1 minute each.
Gym. There are a lot of gym books outside there. Read one and follow religiously. I usually do 2 or 3 times a week.
Badminton. A passionate badminton player like me will find nothing more enjoyable and relaxing as this sport. I can play a non-stop 6 hours of heavy badminton training. But during Industrial Attachment, I limit myself to 2 hours.

I am now progressing from 2-digit kilogram overweight 3 months ago to 1-digit overweight now (TOTAL LOST = EIGHT KG). And I am still want to slim down 4 more kg by the end of October (By the way, you can’t expect you can slim down at the same rate all the time. You will eventually experience a decreasing rate after slim down a lot). I never feel more confident than now to reach that.