Friday, February 06, 2009

To Hell all the Latecomers!

I hate people who like to be late without valid reason and without prior notice, they deserve a cozy place in hell - yes, hell with a view.

When I make appointment at 5 o'clock, I really mean 5, not 5.10 or 5.20. I always plan to come earlier, and I can wait because I always bring a book to read inside my bag. Nevertheless, I get very angry everytime someone is late even if he is late by 1 minute. I don't show it in my face because as I always said, I can act very well. But in heart, please rest assured I curse you like hell.
Come on, you are not the only one who is busy. Everyone is busy, so if I can make an effort to be on-time, why can't you?

I know people who have different background have their own standard regarding lateness. Some people feel that being late by 15 minutes is so-called "okay", and for some, being late by 1 hour is considered acceptable. Rubbish! That's one of the most stupid things I have ever heard. And let me tell you, if I were you, I would be terribly ashamed to be born in a society which tolerates lateness. Super terribly ashamed.

If someone is late, that means he doesn't value my precious time. And if someone doesn't value my precious time, he can't value me as an individual. I know it's just simple thing but in this world, we are continuously judged by every simple thing, and for some people, they have failed long time ago.


frozen wind said...

yaaah emank klo kamu marah nungguin org telat sich wajar banget.. tp masa sich sampe harus masuk neraka gitu.. mank dia telat brp lama sich? trus setiap kali janjian ma km selalu telat tah?

Ben said...

bukan, telat itu masalah attitude. I dun mind waiting for 1 hour or even more, tapi kalau udah sifatnya apatis and act as if to be late is okay, itu udah masalah attitude.