Friday, March 09, 2012

Choosing Advice

In the past 3 years since my last post, I have changed. A LOT. I gained some wisdom and become more mature along the way. But the negative side is... I got influenced more heavily by people. I am a melancholic by nature, so I think about everything deeply... sometimes too deeply. The flip side? I got stressed easily.

Until my friend gave me this piece of advice... this is what he said in his own words.

"Ben, in life you will meet lots of people... and they will tell you this and that. Some of the things they say are smart. Some are stupid. Some are very stupid. Some are unbelievably stupid. Wise people can decide what to follow. Listen to everyone, but follow your heart."

I tell you, I have some of the smartest friends one could ever get. People say our success and personality are the average of 6 of our closest friends. So... choose your friends wisely.


Alexander said...

Yeah, a lot of wisdom in your saying!

Ben said...

hi Alexander,
Thanks for the comment, really appreciate that.